Upcoming Training Schedule:

Mill 2D Class (Entry)

​2 Days / $800.00

This class is intended for users who are new to Mastercam.  Topics covered include Intro to the Interface, 2D drawing and basic toolpaths.  Also covered is how to create and toolpath Solids.  Lastly is Import/Export Toolpaths and Feature Based Machining.

This class is intended for Mastercam users who have completed Mill 2D or have a working knowledge of 2D machining.  All aspects of 3D surface machining (rough & finish), Stock Models and machining techniques are discussed as needed.

Mill 3D Class (Advanced)

2 Days / $800.00​

5 Axis Programming

3 Days / $1000.00

Items covered include basic geometry creation and Turn Profile.  Toolpaths include roughing, finishing, facing, grooving and threading. 

The 5 axis class requires that you understand 3D wire frame geometry and surface creation.  There is alot to go over in this class so we provide models to apply the various toolpaths to the models.

Advanced 5 Axis Programming

3 Days / $1000.00


1 Day / $500.00

Items covered include 2 axis, 4 axis, chaining options and wire EDM specific functions.  

**New users should complete Mill 2D prior.**

Wire EDM

1 Day / $500.00

This class is intended for Mastercam users who understand Mastercam & G-Code. Covers all aspects of basic post configuration. Start of file, Tool change & End of file

Post Processors

3 Days / $1000.00

Advanced Post Processors

3 Days / $1000.00

This class covers the more advanced functions of post processors. Sub-Programming, Macros, Advanced Work Offsets, File Polling / Manipulation, External Files, etc. This is a very intense class intended for customers that have very specialized applications. This class only requires that 1 person be signed up and is limited to 3 people due to its nature.

Topics discussed are Application of 2D drawing functions with creation of notes and dimensions.  Analyzation of drawn features and basic Solids creation.  Lastly is Introduction to Construction Planes.

This course picks up where the Fundamentals class leaves off with Surface Creation, Advanced Solids functions, and Model Prep.

The advanced 5 axis class covers the more complex toolpaths and discusses further the methods of 5 axis programming/machining.

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This class is intended for users who are familiar to the Mastercam Interface.  Topics begin with 2D High Speed Toolpaths.  From there, is Surface Rough Pocket and Finish Parallel.  Lastly, is Transform and Axis Substitution.

Mill 2D Advanced Class

​2 Days / $800​.00

Advanced Lathe*

1 Day / $500.00

Items covered include C & Y axis toolpaths.  


**Must have completed Lathe prior** 


2 Days / $800.00

Course covers entire Mill-Turn envelope from part setup to simulation and posting.

**Must have completed Lathe, Mill 3D, and Intro to Multi-Axis prior**

Fundamentals of Drafting

2 Days / $600.00

Advanced Drafting

2 Days / $600.00

Barefoot CNC has maintained a tradition of providing professional service, comprehensive instruction and CAD-basedMastercam​  software solutions to the machining industry for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on offering quality products and training to meet the needs of the ever-changing manufacturing field of the future.


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